Message tie pin (GOOD LUCK)

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Tie pin with a letter secretly typed on it and a heart

The message tie pin is a tie pin designed to convey your feelings to the recipient as a gift, but also easy to wear in business situations. While we often convey our feelings through words or letters, we can also do so through tie pins.

A design that pursues "wearability" to the extreme

The design is simple and easy to wear, with a matte finish to prevent fingerprints and other smudges from standing out. The color is silver to match a variety of neckties and jackets.

Your own secret message

The message is engraved on the side of the necktie pin, hidden from the front and visible only to the wearer.

Optimal original wrapping

The necktie pin is delivered wrapped in a special box.

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品番 bmp0321a
体温 36度 ※体温とは
サイズ 縦/横:0.7cm/4.8cm

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