One-tone tip regimental tie

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The "One Tip Regimental Tie" series is an item that allows you to have fun choosing the "color" of your tie to match the look you want to achieve or the tension and TPO of the moment.
Why not find your own "color" from a rich lineup of 16 colors?

Color Impression
LT.BLUE", with its calm and soothing effect, is perfect for when you want to gain the trust of those around you or when you want calmness. It is also a favorite for Harem days, due to its peaceful connotations.

Product Description
This is a giraffe standard color-tip type item, with a solid color on the large sword and a shiny regimental pattern on the small sword.
The large sword is plain but accented with a subtle giraffe logo.
The small sword with contrasting tones will become a point of coordination.

*Specification change
Sword width: 7.5cm → 8.0cm
Length: 148cm → 146cm

Color: LT.BLUE

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品番 bmt4422s
体温 38度 ※体温とは
サイズ 長さ/幅:146cm/8.0cm
素材 SILK100%

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